Hardboard Sheets

Hardboard sheets are renowned for their durability, strength, and resilient finish, making them a perfect choice for countertops, furniture, flooring substrates, and furniture production. These sheets feature a smooth surface that can be easily adorned with different floor coverings, making them versatile for decorative applications in furniture-making like doors, cabinets, and drawer backings. While one side is smooth, the other side has a textured grip to provide enhanced traction on surfaces. For permanent fixtures, it is recommended to use ring-shanked nails.

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Hardboard Panel

Hardboard panels are a great choice for a variety of applications, from furniture to wall paneling. It is strong, lightweight, and easy to work with, making it a great choice for any project.

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Hardboard is a type of engineered wood product that is made from wood fibres that are compressed and bonded together with a resin adhesive. It is a strong, durable material that is often used in construction and furniture making. Hardboard is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, and can be used for a variety of applications. It is often used as a substrate for flooring, wall panelling, and other interior finishes. It is also used to make furniture, cabinets, and other items. Hardboard is a cost-effective alternative to other types of wood products, and is often used in place of plywood or particle board.

Hardboard is available in two main types: tempered and untempered. The tempered hardboard is heat-treated to make it more durable and resistant to moisture. It is often used in outdoor applications, such as siding and decking. Untempered hardboard is not heat-treated and is more susceptible to moisture damage. It is often used in interior applications, such as wall panelling and furniture.

What are the dimensions of hardboard sheets?

Hardboard sheets come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1.2m by 2.4m to 1.2m by 4.8m. The thickness of the sheets can vary from 3mm to 6mm. The most common thickness is 3.2mm. Hardboard sheets are also available in a range of thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm.

What are the benefits of using hardboard sheets?

Hardboard sheets are a great choice for a variety of projects in the UK..

Hardboard sheets are also environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

How do you cut hardboard sheets?

Cutting hardboard sheets can be done with a few simple tools. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Gather the necessary tools: a saw, a straight edge, a pencil, and a measuring tape.
  • Measure the area you want to cut and mark it with a pencil.
  • Place the straight edge along the marked line and secure it with clamps.
  • Use the saw to cut along the marked line.
  • Remove the clamps and the straight edge.
  • Sand the edges of the cut hardboard sheet.

Cutting hardboard can be done with minimal effort. It is important to use the right tools and to take the necessary safety precautions when cutting hardboard sheets. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can easily cut hardboard sheets.

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